STudio de Vio


Our philosophy

Studio de Vio is the skillful creator of the artistic representation of your true self thru camera lens. Bottom line, what you want from a photographer is to craft pictures, not words and we want to let the images to do the talking. 

Our story 

30 years ago a little boy received a film camera, as a gift from his parents. That camera was a miracle for a 12 years old living in a communist country, Romania.

My entire piggy bank was going into photographic materials, but it turns out that my passion needed more than the modest savings of a child, so I started taking pictures of my friends & family for a small fee. This is how my business began, long before I understood the concept.

By the time I was 18, I already had all weekends booked with wedding & event photo video. During my college years, I studied cinematography and had an excellent opportunity to add a high level of artistic & scientific knowledge to my craft. I was literally sleeping in the faculty studio at least 4 days a week.

Driven by my passion for photography, I travelled every time the opportunity arose. 10 years ago, my wife and i called America our new home . Here I made the shift, from the 35mm film cameras to digital and enjoyed every step of this transition as if I rebuilt a new me. This new artistic provocation and the most important moment in our family, the birth of our handsome son, Liam, increased my interest in portraiture & family photography. 

Starting with spring of 2017 our family moved to Dallas, Tx, and we are looking forward to absorbing the vibes of new places, new people and new experiences.
Take your time and browse around. I am looking forward to hearing more about YOU. 

  Vio Bucur,                                                                               Photographer



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